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Ways To Save Fuel While Driving

Other than maintenance fee, the most significant portion of the cost that must be prepared by any car owner is fuel cost. Sure choosing the diesel engine and buying the cheapest petrol are the easiest way to decrease fuel cost. But do you know that you can further save your fuel while driving? In case you haven’t heard of this, here we have gathered up easy ways to save fuels while driving.

Drive At Normal Speed

gasWhen driving, using the speed under and above 100 km per hour can make a huge difference in the fuel consumption rate. If you do a lot of braking and sudden acceleration, your car may end up consuming 40% more of your fuel than in the regular drive. Rather than having to brake and accelerate more, it is advisable to drive at normal speed. For more details, dropping down from 120 km per hour speed to 100 km per hour speed can save you up to 25% in fuel consumptions. Slowing to further to below 100 km per hour can save you another 10% in fuel consumptions. Not a ton of options for limousine services in Toronto anymore, but they do a great job in case you need one.

Reduce Weight

Just like our body, your car will also need more fuel if it is carrying more weight. Therefore we suggest you not to keep a lot of unnecessary items in your car’s boot unless you are taking a trip or on a long journey. With an additional luggage weight of 50 kilograms, your car’s fuel consumption rate will increase by 2%. So make sure you avoid putting heavy stuff on your car unless it is needed.

Shut The Engine

The longer the engine run, the more fuel your car consumes. Therefore whenever you are stopping, it is better to shut down the engine to reduce its fuel consumptions. To furthermore saving the fuel, you may also shut down the air conditioner when it’s not needed. Running an air conditioner, particularly at low speed, can increase fuel consumption rate. If it’s chilly outside, you can opt to open your window instead.

Car Maintenance

To maintain the car’s engine efficiency, make sure you are using the correct engine oil, and you have your vehicle serviced regularly. If the car’s engine efficiency rate is high, then it will be less likely to consume more fuel. Also, check your air filter condition regularly. Research has shown that a broken air filter can absorb 10% more fuel than the average condition. Make sure to check and replace the air filter periodically to maintain safety and reduce fuel consumption.…