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Must-Have Tech Features for a Digital Learning Module

Since the outbreak, people have started to adapt to e-learning. This means that there are more reasons for learning things online, which results in increased demand for e-learning. It is indeed a good thing, but let’s see how far the technology ready with e-learning. 

online learningGenerally, e-learning is all about learning. Any learning is done by continually focusing on the needs and abilities of learners. Technology is the enabler of online education. When it comes to K12 or enterprise e-learning options, the enabler is still just technology. First, let’s talk about the essential e-learning technologies. Many e-learning methods are ranging from simple HTML to complex learning management systems nowadays. It is crucial to choose the correct applications for the successful implementation of an e-learning program. The ideal software should be able to meet all the needs of e-learners.

In general, it needs five implemented technologies to make an e-learning module sparkle. The list of technologies includes authoring packages, programming languages, learning management systems, learning content management systems, and content management systems. It is also essential to use technologies with particular features to make personalized or regular e-learning offerings successful. Likewise, technical drawbacks can kill educators’ drive to teach online. Therefore, let’s look at the four essential technology features that a digital learning module must-have.


online learningA technology intended for online teaching must be maintainable over time. In this case, the maintainability of a technology solution can be available to maintain if it is easy to discover the options for adding new consumers, deleting older users, updating course structure, and recycling quizzes. Teachers and students don’t want to work with a tech that is not maintainable at all. Any e-learning module should be simple to manage and easy to update. Systematically look for e-learning modules that separate layout and content. This type of separation helps you easily update the material.


You don’t want to end up with proprietary applications that can’t work on other platforms. E-learning software creates a long-term relationship between the user and the provider. Therefore, you should choose those vendors that work with a variety of devices and applications. It is challenging to find a learning management system that works with numerous platforms. However, you can opt for a digital learning offering that is universally recognized.


When an e-learning solution is not easy to use, it has no value. Most assimilators find the technology cumbersome. Therefore, it is necessary to generate a module that is easy to understand and use. Technologies in a digital learning module should act as facilitators and not as spoilsports.


Technology should become a knowledge/module thing. The knowledge thing itself needs to get a small number of instructive items. The knowledge/teaching needs to have the ability to be reused. The concept behind the modularity of a knowledge thing is to reduce the overall development time. This technological feature and all three above combined can provide an e-learning module ideal for students, teachers, and administrators.

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