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Different Travel Careers


Travel is an excellent career choice for the people like exploring and discovering new things while the earned income. The tourism industry has contributed to more employment opportunities in the global market. There are plenty of travel jobs whereby you can work either in the office or at home. The┬áTravel careers require degrees, diplomas, and suitable working experience. There are so many careers for people who like to travel apart the one’s aviation sector offers namely;

Different careers

Cabin Crew

travel agentCabin crew jobs include pilots, flight attendants, and flight engineers. These set of people their salary varies, the pilots being paid high salaries compared to the rest of the employees. Most airlines offer travel benefits to their workers so as their family members can enjoy flying at a reduced rate.

Travel Agent

Travel agents aid their clients to book their flights, where to stay, rental car or the places to tour. Since the introduction of online travel, websites has led to some travelers personally, a book for deals online. Travel agent offers one on one service plus security, and it is the reason majority of travelers still prefer them.

Cruise ship members

A cruise ship provides more job opportunities than other sectors in this travel industry. The majority of the jobs created are inside the cruise ship while the rest are on the land. Reservation agents are one of the land jobs that fall under corporate and management field. The majority of jobs created when you are inside the cruise ship are like marine crew, cruise directors, chefs, engineers, dancers, and musicians. Accommodation and meals expenses are covered while on board the ship.

Tour Operators

Tour operators have extensive knowledge of the areas of being toured. Also one should be able to speak in different languages that are to say being fluent in English, Germany, and French and. They aid in tour planning and operation jobs in an organization.

English Teacher

Teaching English as a foreign language practically anywhere in the world but mostly in Asia and Middle East nations. The pay is always good, and it comes with benefits such as travel and accommodation is provided. Mostly they offer short-term contracts of less than two years.

Travel Writer

Travel WriterTravel writer can either be self-employed or can be employed by a tour company organization. They do their research mostly by visiting hotels or attraction centers and notes down their experiences. The travel may be funded from one’s pocket or sponsored by a specific tours and travel company. The income of the trip writer mainly depends on the size, the readership and sales of the magazines or newspapers.