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How to Choose A Backpacking Chair for You

person on a backpacking chair

Backpacking chairs are known to bring an elevated level of comfort to just about any activity. It is vital that you choose a backpacking chair that will serve your desired activity best. Here is a great article by Chris Guill that can guide you on backpacking chairs. Below are some of the activities and the critical metrics for the activities.



The first activity where these chairs can be used in backpacking. Weight is vital here, so it is wise to first look at the packing size metric. Durability is also essential since you do not want to end up miles in the backcountry with a useless, broken seat. Versatility and comfort are vital too, but less however for this activity.

Car Camping

If you are staying in the frontcountry, you may want to consider a good chair for camping. If your space is limited by a cramped or small car, some of the chairs will serve a great middle ground. Weight is less important when traveling by vehicle, so if you are a car camper, it is advisable to look more closely at the versatility and comfort of the chairs before buying.


backpacking chairOutdoor concerts are some of the best parts of summer, and one way of making then better is with a lightweight chair. Since outdoor venues usually ban chairs, any of the taco-style backpacking chairs are excellent for this activity. Here weight is less important, so you need to go for the most comfortable style of backpacking chair you can find.


The beach, whether by the ocean or the side of the river, offers unique challenges for chairs. Most chairs tend to sink into the sand, thus leaving you practically on the ground. If you are planning to use your chair predominantly on the soft sand, it is wise to look at the legs above all.

When choosing backpacking chairs, you need to consider the activity for which you intend to use the chair. You need to look at the above metrics of these activities before buying a backpacking chair. This will help you choose the right chair for your specific activity and enhance your level of comfort when using the backpacking chair.…