Awesome Travel Ideas for your Employee Engagement Program


Employee engagement programs are a perfect way to transition staff from the hectic and enjoyable holiday experience to a professional workplace world where time, efficiency, skills, and intelligence count. Companies desiring to hit the ground running after a vacation break will benefit most from the start of the year employee retreats and workshops. The events double up as motivation seminars and skill-impacting avenues for their staff. As a business owner or manager, there are a few considerations to make for your upcoming employee engagement exercise that should involve a bit of travel. It can be an excellent way to rewarding performance and to develop a strong bond between managers and staff. Here are some ideas obtained from John Ripley’s travel blog for employee engagement ideas.


Visiting travel locations for bonding experiences


A benefit of relying on John Ripley’s travel blog is the opportunity for finding awesome attractive and welcoming locations to visit as a team. Many travelers love certain aspects of a location, but for a small business, the accommodation, hygiene, locational features, and ease of access are some of the crucial attributes worth checking out when visiting a new travel location. Having a virtual guide to provide information relating to several similar destinations and their suitability in different parts of the year eases the overall demand for choosing. The management at the company will end up with a choice that benefits everyone equally.


Volunteer holiday concepts


Many companies are warming up to the idea of using volunteer work to impact community skills to their employees. Volunteer work also helps employees to understand the plight of others and to appreciate the service that their company offers to the community. It also improves the coordination skills of employees since they often have to work outside their core departments and project teams. Meanwhile, a good holiday for employees is usually non-existent because they break for vacation and go their way. A small business could bring back the holiday experience by creating a volunteer holiday concept based on attractive and friendly travel destination within or outside the local city. Moving all employees together for a week can be a much-deserved break from the mundane activities of dealing with accounts, feedbacks, and deadlines.


Mindfulness activities for increasing work-life balance


Team retreats are good for increasing mindfulness of employees. Professional spa and yoga centers can be excellent gateway spots within the city. Luckily travel blogs offer great tips about gateways with excellent meditation and mindfulness opportunities. Some attractions in the past year might be worth considering for your team.


Sports activities for non athletes as part of the bonding experience


Many companies already use sports as great team building ideas. However, you can take a step further and combine sporting action with travel. Many tour package companies offer team-based travel solutions that can accommodate sporting activities such as beach soccer and karate. Some attractions within the city can include self-defense kickboxing which might be very attractive for office based staff who need stimulating outdoor and indoor experiences in the new year.

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